About Us

Tathastu is a popular band based in India that has gained a large following due to their exceptional musical talents and captivating performances. The band has covered various states in India, and their work has been highly appreciated by the people.


The band comprises of talented members, each with their unique skills, which come together to create magic on stage.

DJ Dexter is the Disc Jockey for the band, and his music skills and beats add an extra edge to the band’s performance.

Sahib Jot Singh is the band’s lead vocalist and lyricist. His soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics have touched the hearts of many music lovers.

Akshita Sharma is another talented vocalist and lyricist of the band, and her melodious voice and captivating lyrics complement Sahib Jot Singh’s vocals perfectly.

Ritish Sharma is the band’s drummer, and his rhythm and beats add a groovy element to the band’s music.

Sunny Martin is a talented dhol player whose energetic beats and dynamic rhythms add a unique ethnic flavor to Tathastu’s music. 

Sanjay Kumar is another talented dhol player for Tathastu, whose rhythmic beats and dynamic style bring an extra level of excitement to the band’s performances. 

Together, Tathastu’s members create an amazing musical experience for their audience and continue to enthrall music lovers with their exceptional talent.